Documentary Travel Films About Indigenous Peoples in Southeast Asia

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First Filipinos: The Aetas. The Aetas are an indigenous group in the northern part of the Philippines. Learn about their daily life, their jungle survival skills and their history.

Tampat do Aman. A unique jungle lodge that is ideally located for visiting the indigenous Rungus people in Kudat, Malaysia, Borneo.

Indigenous Rungus Fishermen. Most indigenous Rungus people make their living by fishing. We examine their daily lives as they practice this livelihood in Kudat, Malaysia.

Indigenous Malaysian Market. Visit the largest outdoor market in Sabah State, Malaysia. Tamu Besar takes place every Sunday morning in the mainly indigenous town of Kota Belud. It offers one of the best cultural experiences in the whole country.

Life on the Mekong River. The Mekong has the richest history and culture of all the great rivers. Travel downstream and learn about its ancient empires and kingdoms. Visit riverside communities to see how people live their daily lives. See why this unique area should be on your travel bucket list.

People of the Five Clans: The Karo Batak. The Karo Batak are one of six related, indigenous peoples from Sumatra, Indonesia. Visit their communities and learn about their history, culture and modern life. Attend a traditional wedding where guests dance, give the newlyweds advice and, as a gift, a live hen.

Cruising Halong Bay, Vietnam. One of the natural wonders of the world, Halong Bay off Vietnam's north coast should be on everyone's bucket list. Spend three days cruising the bay and learn about its history and its mythology.

Spirits in the Akha Forest. The indigenous Akha people observe the spiritual beliefs of Animism more than any of their neighbors. Visit Akha communities and learn how these beliefs affect their daily life as they come into greater contact with the modern world.

Preserving the Tiger Hunters. The indigenous Lahu people are known as tiger hunters. They live in small villages in basic houses. Learn about their history, customs and folklore. See how rice plays a practical and spiritual role in their everyday lives.

Populating Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia was originally populated by many different peoples. Although many originated in the Tibetan Plateau, their journey took them to different parts of the region. Examine the timelines and the routes by which the region came to be populated.

Indigenous Customs in Southeast Asia. The indigenous peoples of Southeast Asia have had customs for thousands of years. Examine the origins of these customs. Music, alcohol, and jewelry help define a people and their culture through these customs.

Indigenous Literacy in Cambodia. A team of specialists was assigned to create new writing systems for Cambodia's indigenous languages. We were among the first to document their work.

Indigenous Cultural Changes in Southeast Asia. Daily life for indigenous people in Southeast Asia is changing fast. Explore how these changes are impacting their culture.

Living by Garbage in the Philippines. The Payatas garbage dump in Manila, the Philippines was closed in 2017. Witness the inhumane conditions under which people once lived by scavenging garbage there.

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