Documentary Travel Films About Indigenous Peoples in Central Asia

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Kazakh Wrestling in Mongolia. Mongolia's national sport, wrestling, is practiced by all its ethnic groups. Witness a wrestling competition in a small, rural Kazakh community.

Halal/Haram Horse Ritually Slaughtered and Butchered. (Age restricted.) In rural Kazakh communities, wealth is measured by livestock — including horses. Watch a horse slaughtered and butchered in preparation for a boy's coming-of-age ritual.

A Day with Mongolia's Nomadic Eagle Hunters. The Kazakh train golden eagles to hunt. In winter, they roam the Altai Mountains hunting for small animals, from whose fur they make clothes. Spend a day with two hunters and their eagles.

How to Erect a Traditional Kazakh Ger/Yurt/Tent. Many Kazakh people are nomads. For most of the year they live in tents called gers (yurts), which they erect very fast. Using timelapse video, we see them erect a ger in just 4 minutes.

The First (Inaugural) Alma Kuk Golden Eagle Festival, 2017. In 2017 the Alma Kuk Golden Eagle Association held its first festival during a freezing day. It is now a regular fixture of the Kazakh cultural calendar.

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