Documentary Travel Films About Indigenous Peoples in Mesoamerica (Central America and Mexico)

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Ixil Mayan Migration to North America. Some migrants at the US southern border are indigenous Ixil Mayans. Visit Ixil communities in Guatemala to understand their motivation to risk all in taking the hazardous journey toward a better life.

The Coronation of a Mayan Queen. San Pedro La Laguna is a Tz'utujil Mayan community in Guatemala. Each year it honors the town's patron with the coronation of a new queen.

History of the Mayan People. The Mayan empire comprised multiple peoples in geographically diverse areas. They were often at war with each other. Watch a historical overview of their timeline and eventual decline.

Ruk'u'x Art and Music Festival, Guatemala. Ruk'u'x (meaning "heart" in Mayan Kaqchikel) is an indigenous Guatemalan festival. Watch live performances including indigenous musicians and actors in an ancient Mayan ritual.

Timelapse Documentary of Modern Mayan Communities. View daily life in three different Guatemalan Mayan communities. The Itza: Lake Peten. The Poqomchi: San Cristobal Verapaz. The Kaqchikel and Tzutujil: Panajachel.

The Original, Indigenous Peoples of Mesoamerica. Most of Mesoamerican history is about the Mayans. But they weren't the only ancient people to flourish there. We chronicle the rise and fall of other ancient Mesoamerican peoples.

Mayan Counting and Calendars Explained. Mayan knowledge of astronomy, mathematics and engineering was far in advance of Europe. We explain their calendars and their counting systems to reveal this ancient wisdom.

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