Documentary Feature Films about Indigenous Peoples, Indigenous Culture and Indigenous Knowledge

The only way any people's culture can survive alongside others is through understanding, tolerance and mutual respect. We believe that this comes through education.

Our documentaries about indigenous peoples, their culture and their knowledge offer unique insights into, and understanding of, cultures beyond our own. They are the perfect medium to introduce yourself, your group, your children or your students to cultural education and sensitivity. You'll also have the satisfaction of knowing that proceeds contribute to the education of indigenous peoples and help us to fulfill our mission — spreading indigenous education, knowledge and science.

We have produced three feature-length documentaries.

Southeast Asia documentary

Peoples of the World: Southeast Asia (Indigenous Peoples of Southeast Asia, 2010), explores the changing lives and cultures of the indigenous peoples of Southeast Asia.

"Travel to Southeast Asia and see how tradition challenges change at the beginning of the twenty-first century. With captivating photography and an in-depth narrative this documentary takes you inside the history, the customs and the modern lives of the people who live in this part of the world. Presenting a compelling case for the education of indigenous people, Peoples of the World: Southeast Asia will leave you re-thinking what you thought you knew about this region."

Southeast Asia documentary
Maya documentary

Peoples of the World: The Maya (Ancient and Modern Maya Peoples, 2016), explores the history, legacy and modern world of the indigenous Maya peoples.

"They created one of the most successful civilizations of all time. But a thousand years after the height of their empire they are still shrouded in mystery. Who were the Maya? How did they make serpents come alive? In this fascinating documentary you will enter their ancient world and find the answers. Learn how they counted twenties instead of tens and how this shaped their calendars. Decipher an alphabet more advanced than the one you use. And learn how the fate of the surviving Maya may be your own fate."

Maya documentary
Altai Kazakh documentary

Peoples of the World: The Altai Kazakh (The Last Nomads of Mongolia, 2018), explores the culture and nomadic lifestyle of the indigenous Kazakh people who migrated to western Mongolia two hundred years ago. It includes coverage of their unique skill — hunting with golden eagles.

"Among the last of the world's truly nomadic people, the Kazakh of western Mongolia not only survive in the harshest climate on Earth, they also tenaciously preserve their culture. This documentary offers a fascinating glimpse inside that culture and their two-hundred year history in Mongolia. Learn how a boy's coming-of-age is marked when he has his hair cut for the first time. Hear how the country's first, legendary eagle huntress is only now being honored. Experience a day with eagle hunters. And witness how this rich, nomadic lifestyle is now being threatened."

Altai Kazakh documentary

Our next documentary, Peoples of the World: The Andes is currently in pre-production. No release date has yet been announced.

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