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Our publish your work program publishes articles about indigenous peoples written by others. Any views expressed in these articles are those of their respective author(s) and not necessarily those of the Peoples of the World Foundation.


The Baiga People

A Sociological Study of the Livelihoods of the Baigas in Baiga-Chak Belt of Dindori, India

Quechua and the Use of Modern Technology to Continue its Legacy

THYDÊWÁS: Hope of the Earth

The Chenchu People

The Tampuan People

The Koya People

The Samantha People

The Ju|'hoansi People

The Chewa People

The Mien People

If you work in the fields of visual anthropology or photoethnography, or if you have spent time with a particular indigenous group and want to write an original article, we will consider hosting it under this program. You will retain all rights to the original material. Please contact us with your proposal.

Please note that we consider only original articles that are not already published elsewhere — including on other web sites.


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