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Yes. You do not need our permission for this kind of use. But please be aware of the possibility of plagiarism. All your sources — whether from our website or any other source — should be properly acknowledged in the form of academic citation.

The answer depends on your intended use so you should contact us first with details even if your intended use is non-commercial. We do not allow use of our material for anything of an adult/pornographic nature or for politically-related purposes or to endorse any product or service. All commercial use requires advance written permission and a donation.

No. We consider only applications submitted to us using our official application form.

We consider only grant applications submitted to us under our programs.

The only partnership/collaboration we are currently considering is documentary filmmaking. Please visit Peoples of the World: The Andes for details.

No — it is copyrighted. Please see our Terms of Use.

We do not have a separate "links" page. We will consider linking to your web site if it is relevant to the material on any of our existing pages.

Yes, but please understand the difference between linking and deep-linking. People try to get images that are hosted on our web site to appear on their web site by referring directly to the url of the image (for example This is called deep-linking and it is disabled on our website. Attempting to link in this way from your website will not work. It is better to provide your visitors a link to the original page that you found on our website such as

No — we do not currently carry advertisements of any kind.

No — please do not contact us regarding this topic even if you are offering your services for free.

We have only the information that appears on our website. We do not provide a research service.

Yes — please see our board and our internships but please note that all our positions are unpaid, volunteer positions.

The best way to contribute is via our Publish your Work program and/or via a donation at See also Get Involved.

No — we do not give out personal contact information.

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