Annual Indigenous Peoples Calendar August Archives

From 2010 to 2018, we published our indigenous peoples wall calendar. Each month, we selected a photo from our archives and wrote the story of the context in which the photo was taken. Click on any of the photos to view that year's August article.

August 2010 archive
Tzeltal Maya Poster Child for Education
August 2011 archive
Changes and Adaptation in an Aeta Village
August 2012 archive
A Bajau Girl at the Tamu in Kota Belud, Malaysia
August 2013 archive
A Pnong Land before Time
August 2014 archive
The Cherokee Eagle Dance
August 2015 archive
A Maya Circus Jaguar Tells a Story
August 2016 archive
Genocide, Ethnocide, Justice and the Cocama of Peru
August 2017 archive
Cheating Education
August 2018 archive
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