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Indigenous Peoples Documentary: The Last Kazakh Nomads of Mongolia

Among the last of the world's nomadic people, the Kazakh endure the harshest climate on Earth as they tenaciously preserve their culture. This documentary offers a fascinating glimpse inside that culture. Learn how a boy's coming-of-age is marked by his first haircut. Hear about Mongolia's first, legendary eagle huntress who is only now being honored. Spend a day with Kazakh eagle hunters. And witness how this ancient, rich lifestyle is slowly changing. Click or tap the image below to watch it on our YouTube channel in HD (1280x720p), High Dynamic Range at 24 fps. Notes for teachers are also available.

Documentary Short Films: Indigenous Culture and Knowledge

The rise and fall of the ancient Mayans.

Indigenous musicians and actors perform ancient rituals.

A horse is slaughtered for a Kazakh boy's coming-of-age (age restricted).

Travel Stories from Indigenous Communities

A new Mayan queen is crowned in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala.

Indigenous knowledge is slowly being lost in Southwest Ethiopia.

Lessons learned from visiting this museum in Sri Lanka.

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