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Before we colonize space, we need a doctrine of recovery from colonizing Earth. Last month, indigenous people gave us one.

Flashback: our opinion editorial on world news from August 2018.

The first genomic sequencing of a Neanderthal/Denisovan hybrid girl partly explains extraordinary ability.

A travel documentary short film exploring ancient and modern societies along the world's greatest river.

A photo-ethnographic essay about the indigenous Intha people of Burma (Myanmar).

Indigenous Peoples Documentary: Ancient and Modern Mayan Peoples

A thousand years after their decline, the ancient Mayans are still shrouded in mystery. Enter their ancient world to uncover its secrets. Learn how their religious beliefs were formed from advanced science and observing the heavens long before Europeans arrived. Decipher their ancient writing — far more advanced than ours. Experience the daily life of their modern descendants and learn how their fate may become our own fate. Presented in Full HD (1920x1080p).

Rent or buy Ancient and Modern Mayan Peoples on Vimeo.

More documentaries.

Documentary Short Films: Indigenous Culture and Knowledge

The spiritual beliefs of the indigenous Akha people help shape the way they embrace the modern world.

Learn about the history, customs and folklore of the indigenous Lahu people.

Explore the dual Quechua people's cultures from before the Inca Empire.

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