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April 1, 2024: Is the word "almost" the leading cause of war?

Flashback: our opinion editorial for April, 2021.

The Inuit shun capital gain for environmental protection and gain political power in Greenland.

April 8, 2024: Our revised photo-ethnographic essay about the indigenous Karo Batak of Sumatra, Indonesia.

February 13, 2024: Our 2023 Annual Report.

Indigenous Peoples Documentary: Indigenous Peoples of Southeast Asia

Travel to Southeast Asia and see how ancient indigenous cultures respond to the challenges of the Twenty-first Century. Captivating scenes and in-depth narrative take you inside the history, customs and modern lives of the indigenous people of this part of the world. Indigenous Peoples of Southeast Asia will leave you re-thinking what you once thought about this region. Click or tap the image below to watch it on our YouTube channel in full HD (1920x1080p) at 60 fps. Notes for teachers are also available.

Documentary Short Films: Indigenous Culture and Knowledge

Daily life and jungle survival skills of the indigenous Aetas.

A jungle lodge on indigenous Rungus land in Kudat, Malaysia.

The main indigenous livelihood in Kudat, Malaysia.

Travel Stories from Indigenous Communities

The rich history and culture of the mighty Mekong River.

Peace and simplicity define this religious minority in India.

Kazakh nomads preserve indigenous culture in western Mongolia.

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