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We are an apolitical organization that does not contribute financially to, or become actively involved in, political causes or campaigns. Yet we understand that a large part of indigenous peoples' plight and struggle is related to their desire for self-determination and political representation on their own terms. In recognition of this our Causes and Campaigns program provides information about indigenous peoples' causes and campaigns and how our visitors can become actively involved in them.

The appearance of a cause or campaign on our web site does not imply that we sanction that cause or campaign or that we vouch for the accuracy of the information provided in external links.

If you know of a similar cause or campaign that affects indigenous peoples we would like you to contact us with your proposal to host it as part of this program. A cause or campaign must be related to an obvious humanitarian threat and have a clear, stated proposal for action to address that threat. The cause or campaign must also be related to our mission. It must directly affect the lives and livelihoods of indigenous groups and include a plan of action so that people are empowered to act.

Burma Youth Campaign

Schools for Chiapas

Oppose the Plan Puebla Panamá

Idle No More


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